Sports Performance

Sports Performance

Our Sports Medicine Clinic provides prevention, evaluation & diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of acute and chronic injuries, illnesses, and medical conditions for our patients. We also emphasize prevention and the development of skills for lifelong health and well-being.


Dry Needling (Pending Certification)

Soft Tissue Immobilization (Graston)

Manual Therapy (Active Release)


Active Release

Cupping Therapy

Electro Therapy (STEM, Ultrasound)

Kenesio Taping


Student Life

Combine Academy classes are based in small, intimate, group environments where students can benefit from the individual attention and teaching they need to enhance their knowledge of the subject at hand. Combine Academy’s Academic setting consists of several common areas, student lounges, and rest areas where students can be provided a getaway and release from the ongoing educational demand of the classroom. Some of the features of Combine Academy’s common areas, lounges, and rest areas are as follows:

  • Full Game Rooms with Ping Pong Tables, Billiards, Video Game Systems, and more
  • Lounges with Nap Areas, Flat Screen TV’s, Sofas, and Study Areas

We believe in the proven studies that show students performing better in the classroom when they have small breaks from the standard educational setting. Combine Academy has taken notice of the studies that show students performing drastically better when they give their cognitive function short breaks throughout the academic day.

Combine Academy has a full service Lunch Programs that serves students who do not elect to bring their lunch:

  • Students have the option to order from our Healthy Lunch Vendors on a daily, weekly, and monthly, in this scenario, lunch is dropped off to students
  • Students have the option of bringing their lunch on a daily basis

Next-Level Training

For use throughout their development, the renowned Combine Academy Training System is implemented for all Student-Athletes. Combine Academy Student Athletes have the opportunity to train alongside some of the best NBA, WNBA, MLB, MLS, Euroleague and Collegiate Athletes in the world. 4 times per week athletes attend Strength and Conditioning sessions as well as train twice daily.

Injury Prevention

With exclusive access to the Sports Performance Center, student athletes participate in yoga, cycling, injury prevention, physiotherapy, and regeneration sessions to keep their bodies at peak performance. In addition, Combine Academy Group Training proves to be especially effective for player development because of its intensity.

Diet & Nutrition

Combine Academy emphasizes all facets of a healthy body, including the importance of Diet and Nutrition. Meals and Snacks are provided to boarding students except during travel periods.

3 full meals per day
Healthy snack options

Strength & Conditioning

The Combine Training Staff uses its invaluable insight from the NBA, WNBA, MLS, and MLB Pre-draft training camps, and High Major Division 1 Strength and Conditioning programs to train the body to become leaner, faster, and stronger. The main focus within our Strength and Conditioning program is developing and improving our clients’ athleticism. The Combine Academy Strength and Conditioning System focuses on gaining Core and Gluteus Strength, while strengthening muscle groups that aid in injury prevention.


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