FOOTBALL CAMP: Prepare for the next football season with this 3-day intensive course supervised by experts

FOOTBALL CAMP: Prepare for the next football season with this 3-day intensive course supervised by experts

This 3-day intensive football camp, supervised by renowned coaches and trainers, offers a comprehensive training program to help players aged 15 and over prepare for the coming season.

From Monday 1 July to Thursday 4 July from 9am to 12pm, participants will benefit from the advice and expertise of renowned coaches and trainers, including Felice Mazzu, Olivier Lioulas, Sébastien Palumbo and Patrick Merckx. The programme includes tactical training, passing exercises, physical work and technical finishing sessions.

The cost is €125 for the 3 days or €50 per day, and each participant will receive a free kit of shirts from Sindio, a Belgian sportswear brand that focuses on the durability and uniqueness of its products, allowing you to stand out from the crowd during your outings or training sessions.

Tactical exercises from Felice Mazzu, Charleroi’s coach in the Belgian First Division, can provide valuable information for players looking to improve their strategic approach to the game. Mazzu’s exercises focus on developing players’ decision-making skills, positioning and team cohesion, all of which are essential for success at the highest level.

Passing drills led by Olivier Lioulas, RRC Waterloo’s Technical Director, can help players improve their technical skills and build a solid foundation for their overall game. By focusing on accuracy, control and quick decision-making, these drills can improve the rigour and fluidity of a team’s passing.

The physical exercises led by Sébastien Palumbo, physical trainer at Ris Binche in Belgium’s Ligue Nationale 1, are essential to ensuring the fitness and conditioning of players. These exercises focus on developing strength, endurance and agility, which are essential for maintaining a high level of performance throughout matches.

Finally, finishing and technique exercises led by Patrick Merckx, a specialist in individual training for professionals – and a former Anderlecht player – can help players hone their shooting and ball control skills. These exercises, which are tailored to each player’s specific needs, help to work on individual weaknesses and improve overall technical ability.

By incorporating these various training sessions into their training regime, participating players can develop a balanced and comprehensive approach to their preparation, ultimately leading to improved on-field performance for their respective teams.